Press release: Creation and start of VKII Cameroon activities
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The Executive Board VKII brings to the attention of the public and more particularly its members and sympathizers, the creation of its official branch of Cameroon (VKII Cameroon), after process of work and accompaniment. Image
VKII- "Cameroon" was created following a first general assembly held during the summer of 2017 which elected as member of the office:

- Mr DEFFO STEVE, coordinator.

- Mr. TUMENTA F. KENNEDY, Secretary General.

- Mrs. MELONG CHANELLE, treasurer.

This office (later validated by the VKII Executive Board) duly filed a declaration of association which was approved by the Mfoundi prefecture. VKII- "Cameroon" thus created constitutes with VKII-Germany the largest international network of Cameroonian engineers, whose vocations are (among others) the following:

1. Assist and accompany the VKII Executive Board as well as the VKII members of Germany in its projects in Cameroon

2. Facilitate the socio-professional integration of students and young professionals (VKII members and sympathizers in Cameroon) through information, training, seminars to strengthen their capacities.

3. Promoting the professional mobility of employees by reserving them the first job vacancies in member companies, through networking, certification courses and seminars for retraining and capacity building.

4. Create the VKII-Incubator to allow the emergence of talent remaining in the country and its members of the diaspora with projects in Cameroon

For this year 2018, the official launch of its activities took place on February 9th and 10th during a training course in the cosmetic micro-industry, at the end of which 24 young Cameroonian women were trained in cosmetics manufacturing techniques. Other training courses and seminars followed by which young people, trained in the techniques of creation of small-cap micro-industries in the fields of cosmetics, agribusiness, were able to put products on the market.
Workshop VKII-Cameroon, by AfricaBiB from the 6 until 7 of April 2018
The association has also launched an academic project in the summer of 2018, "Science for Youth" and also played an important supporting role in the implementation of the "Face 2 Face" phase of the DiSEKTEA 2.0 project.

We call on all legal and natural persons of Cameroon and the Diaspora to make contact with VKII Cameroon to:

- our office at Emana in Yaounde in the premises of AfricanBIB (behind Cogeni first blue portal on the right),

- by our facebook page VKII Cameroon (https://www.facebook.com/VKII.Cmr/),

- by phone 677740889,

For more information on our conditions of membership, our programs of activities (training, seminars).
We thank our partner AfricanBiB, for the accompaniment and the support in the creation of our structure in Cameroon.
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